Basil&Bedlam continues the democratic Dining ethos that was created at SaltPepperNutmeg Restaurant in Roseville – the prices, together with the young, cool staff and the simple, unintimidating décor, draw an eclectic clientele and the atmosphere is all the better for it.
Marion and Partner Chef Paul have always maintained that they wanted to incorporate the space next door into the warm welcoming circle where friends could afford to eat and where food would be fresh and taste good.

Marion and Paul draw freely on their extensive experience and travels around the Globe in order to create a different Dining experience. The menu at Basil&Bedlam is influenced by the Grill and Wood Smoker on the premises and by a shared love of relaxing with unpretentious good food.
Efficient and unobtrusive service out front combined with a focus on peeled-back simplicity in the kitchen ensure there are plenty of bold, imaginative flavour combinations- but many dishes employ very little ‘cooking’ – unadulterated, raw (and usually colourful) ingredients are a significant feature of the menu that features Grills ,Shoestring Fries and Beer on Tap.
You get limited choice in what you eat but it’s this system that allows Basil&Bedlam to keep prices so low. Affordability and creativity together in one great neighbourhood restaurant.